Computer-Assisted Hair Analysis

Computer-assisted hair analysis is a technological hair analysis application that provides necessary information about the hair cycle. It also provides hair quality of the individual to determine hair quality and hair loss rate. This information is then used in hair transplantation operations. Computer-assisted hair analysis is an alopecia, scalp and hair analysis technique providing detailed information about alopecia, hair, hair type and appropriate care methods in order to ensure more systematic and more accurate customer service.

How it is performed?

Computer-assisted hair analysis – a software program that allows to enlarge your scalp 200x – is performed with the help of several devices and tools. With this program, it is possible to take multiple photos of your scalp, follicle and hair growth process, identify the scalp, identify the most appropriate treatment, and eventually prevent hair aging and hair loss for up to 30 years. Correct detection helps reduce the symptoms of the scalp and/or hair problems the patient can be treated and the healing process can be monitored. With supportive treatments such as PRP, latest technologies can be used and services are available to help with any hair loss or thinning problem you may experience.

What are the benefits of it?

It is possible to increase the efficiency and the success rate of the results as well as patient satisfaction by determining the most accurate hair and scalp care method based on computer-assisted hair analysis results. The program provides the necessary information to the hair transplant specialists about the causes of hair loss, the characteristics of the scalp, hair loss rate, hair growth rate, the quality of the hair follicles and the hair strands as well as the before and after images for comparison.
Hair transplantation specialists can record the details of the computer-assisted hair transplantation analyzes of the patient using the patient management function and manage the treatment process in a healthier way by making use of these analyzes at every stage of the patient’s treatment.

The features of computer-assisted hair analysis:

  • Provides the necessary information about hair and scalp care with focused and magnified images.
  • Tracks hair restoration/replacement progress with image and report archiving
  • Provides live image display and details using most video cameras and video camera microscopes.
  • Custom positioning allows you to compare images on the screen.
  • Allows all images and pictures obtained to be saved and filed.
  • The reporting feature allows you to track images, data analysis and notes during treatment; and then display and save for future reference.
  • Allows to archive reports for further treatment. Report comparison shows the previous and subsequent reports side by side.
  • Hair analysis feature helps determine alopecia hair loss level and assists in measuring hair density.
  • Provides information about the distribution, thickness and density rates of hair follicles.

Computer-assisted hair analysis is one of the technological procedures that should be applied in hair loss treatment and hair transplantation operations today. Our hair transplantation center successfully applies computer-assisted hair analysis technique to every patient in order to make the most accurate diagnosis and to apply the right treatment. Thus, it increases the success rate of the treatments, hair transplantation procedures and patient satisfaction.